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What Is Tobacco?

This agricultural product is smoked (often in the form of a cigarette or cigar, or in a water pipe, stem pipe or hookah).

Cigarette Sale

Tobacco companies believe that the consumers will always support the cigarette and tobacco producers.

Marlboro Country

Nowadays its the bestseller cigarette-brand all around the world.

Discount Cigarettes Shop

Our on-line store is for the persons who look for very cheap cigarettes of the best quality.

Temp cigarettes

Temp cigarette brand is owned by Tutun CTC, the biggest tobacco company in East Europe. Temp cigarettes are one of the most outstanding brands in the market today, therefore, thy have won the golden medal at Russian exhibition "Tabacex Exebition".

Temp name means T for temper, E for energic, M for maximum and P for powerful. It has the features of a cigarette for men who love a very specific, rich flavor.

Temp is created from different tobaccos, which come from Burley, Maryland, Virginia and the Oriental and added ingredient of natural and synthetic cigarette additives. For these selected ingredients cigarettes have special and interesting taste that is preferred by many men.

Every cigarette has a special mono-acetate filter, cigs are packed in white box with red stripes. The length of cigarette is 80mm which is perfect for a manly hand to hold. Temp cigarettes come in several variants: Temp Full Flavor, Temp Lights and Temp FF Gold.

Order cheap Temp cigs in our online cigarettes shop and gain an excellent companion for a cup of coffee or a mug of beer. Purchasing Temp Full Flavor, Temp Lights or Temp Export on our site you save your time, money, nerves and will get good emotions. It is the place where you meet the world of qualitative tobacco production and reliable support team at your disposal.

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