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What Is Tobacco?

This agricultural product is smoked (often in the form of a cigarette or cigar, or in a water pipe, stem pipe or hookah).

Cigarette Sale

Tobacco companies believe that the consumers will always support the cigarette and tobacco producers.

Marlboro Country

Nowadays its the bestseller cigarette-brand all around the world.

Discount Cigarettes Shop

Our on-line store is for the persons who look for very cheap cigarettes of the best quality.

Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos cigarettes are a complex of original flavor and best tobacco. The name for these cigarettes can be translated to “universe, world”, considering the feelings created when smoking them.

This tobacco was launched by Tutun CTC Cigarette Company. They created Cosmos cigs, tested them, qualified and entitled internationally as one of the best tobacco products of its kind. Tutun CTC is the the biggest cigarette manufacturer in Eastern Europe, they produce their tobacco products from Oriental, English and American sorts of tobacco. This is the key to success because cosmos cigarettes have a good rate of quality and reasonable price.

Cosmos cigarettes are available on the tobacco market in king size length, 84mm, cartoon pack and 20 cig piece in each pack. This tobacco product has a longer filter than than ordinary. Therefore, the smoke is more intensely filtered. The color of the pack is dark blue with a long bright comet.

The name Cosmos was created to emphasize that this smoking brand is a star in the tobacco industry.

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